CERTIFIED-TTT-MANAGER project is succeeded by the FP7 project


"EuKTS - European Knowledge Transfer Society"


Improving recognition in the Knowledge Transfer Profession




Welcome to CERT-TTT-M, an initiative towards an European Certification & Training Framework for Technology Transfer Management!


We are pleased to inform you about a project funded by the European Commission, named “Certified Trans-national TT Manager – Building up a framework to qualify TT – Managers on a trans-national level with mutual recognition”.


The aim of this project is:

  • to create a training framework for technology transfer managers in order to professionalise their role,
  • to help to create a more defined career structure for them and to assist with mobility of managers within the European Union,
  • to provide a legal and organisational framework for the mutual recognition aiming at an accreditation of the course on a Europe-wide basis.


A training framework has been elaborated based on the results of surveys conducted within the project on training needs and opinions expressed by professionals and experts and on the analysis of training programmes available in technology transfer throughout Europe.


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