Initial Position


CERT-TTT-M addresses directly the 1st CREST Report-Recommendations in particular:


  • To support EU-wide coordinated TT awareness and training activities targeting in particular the European research community (Rec15)
  • To develop specific courses and programmes on TT and to ensure that they are accessible at a national level (Rec17)
  • To promote the accreditation of TT professionals on a EU-wide basis, to facilitate exchange of personnel and experience, and promote mobility. (Rec18)



The findings are mainly based on survey of CREST Expert Group on IPR and Research (June 2004), preliminary data generated from the 2nd Cycle of the CREST Expert Group on IPR and Research (June 2005-July 2006), recommendations from the Report “Investing in Research and Innovation, Realising the Potential of Public – Private Interaction”, ITTE report DG Enterprise 2004, and on statements made by Proton Europe (Berlin Statement of December 2005).

In short, specific obstacles toward a common European Research Area respectively a common Technology Transfer Area have been identified:


  • No recognised TT course/program in Europe
  • Lack of holistic/integrated TT education programs
  • Lack of trans-national/international attitude of education
  • No sufficient assessment of TT-skills possible (comparable)
  • No clear TT career structure / no accreditation for TT professionals
  • No sufficient benchmarks on education TT programmes in EU-25 (comparable)