Welcome to the results & reports area of CERT-TTT-M project!

CERT-TTT-M has been financed by the European Comission under FP6 and more than 20 TT experts in 12 EU countries have invested lots of efforts and plenty of expertise and time in order to provide you, being part of TT community, with results of added-value. This project will end on February 2009, however it is the wish of both, the EC and project partners, that this shall be at the same time a starting point for measures approriate to sustain the development of training standards and of TT profession in Europe.


We therefore kindly ask you to provide us with some data before granting you access to all reports & results and include to take the liberty to inform you about further development.


Thank you for your understanding,


On behalf of the CERT-TTT-M consortium

Georg Gasteiger


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