CERT-TTT-M for Training Providers!

The training framework will support future training providers for the design and the implementation of the course: it gives information and guidelines on different education modules.


The main objective of the Framework is to provide quality standards for professionalising courses of technology transfer professionals across Europe.
By presenting core professional skill-set, training providers can use it while designing and implementing courses as it describes details on training contents development, modules articulation, methodologies and facilities to be used, characteristics of teaching staff, optimal duration of training.


Our aim is now to have this framework implemented throughout Europe by training providers which are interested in developing the training course in the scope of their activities.


So far 8 training providers in 7 Member States have expressed their basic intention to provide TT trainings in accordance with the CERT-TTT-M framework! (see the list)

State of May 09

Also interested to implement the CERT-TTT-M training framework? Then make use of the CERT-TTT-M information package for Training Providers!


Leaflet _ CERT-TTT-M.pdf Leaflet _ CERT-TTT-M.pdf (88.17 KB)

Letter of Intent for Training Providers.doc Letter of Intent for Training Providers.doc (64.50 KB)

ANNEX 1_Quality Criteria for Training Providers.pdf ANNEX 1_Quality Criteria for Training Providers.pdf (79.61 KB)

ANNEX 2_The Framework & Curriculum_TP.pdf ANNEX 2_The Framework & Curriculum_TP.pdf (293.80 KB)


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