The overall activity of the Cert-TTT-M is to create an appropriate educational framework, and to implement the programme by qualified “Training Providers”.


To reach this goal several steps are taken:


  • Good Practice Models:
    On the basis of  comprehensive and comparable data on existing TT education programmes applied currently by the Member-States, good practice models are sought and compared with skills and competences which are needed for professional TT Managers (On this work the key elements to the subsequent education programme will be defined.)
    Several external experts, in the area TT and education, are consulted to ensure the best quality of the result, the educational framework.


  • Building up a TT education / training programme:
    Work-Groups that involve organisations - aiming at implementing education programme towards the end of project - as well as TT experts will build up such a TT education programme and further on find ways of mutual recognition, dissemination and national/regional implementation. 


  • Implementation
    The work can be considered to be done when at least 5 states / organisations agree to implement such a Certification (being the fundament for future accreditation of TT-professionals as well as for a clear TT-career structure in the ERA).


  • Dissemination
    Linking work-groups to external experts of major stakeholders (e.g. Proton Europe, ASTP) shall support a process of mutual learning, to assure dissemination of the programme and to ensure concerted coordination at EU and national level.
    Moreover, workshops/trainings to which important TT-stakeholders (e.g. policy-makers, persons in charge of TTOs, KTOs and PROs) of all 27 Member-States will be invited to further disseminate or/and implement programme.