TitleTechnology Transfer - Title, Profession, System or Action!
Date24.02.2009 - 25.02.2009


Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) in partnership with Technology and Innovation Agencies of EU is organizing an international Conference “Technology Transfer - title, profession, system or action!”.

The Conference will conclude the two year research and communication invested in the implementation of FP6 Project „CERTIFIED TRANS-NATIONAL TT-MANAGER” – Building up a framework to qualify TT-Mangers on a trans-national level and with mutual recognition” that responding towards lack of Technology Transfer skilled people, no registered TT profession and no common education framework recognized has elaborated framework for education program that in partnership with various stakeholders could be implemented further.

Thus, the major aim of the Conference is to analyze, discuss and encourage further emergence and development of the profession and the international networks fostering technology and knowledge transfer. The Agenda of the Conference are set to cover supply and demand side for the TT professionals. Session I (chaired by Frédéric Caillaud, L`OREAL, LES France) is oriented to analysis of skills necessary for TT manager, within the framework of Session II (chaired by Douglas Robertson, IKT& PRAXIS) will examine the existing training and education programs covering all or some of the aspects necessary for market. Session III (chaired by RNDr. Ivan Dvorak CSc. Societas Rudolphina) will concentrate in the options, barriers for common educational framework, while Session IV (chaired by Jeff Skinner, University College London) will be dedicated to future networks actions to foster further EU cooperation scenarios.

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