TitleInternational Conference on IP Management Education and Research
Date17.07.2008 - 18.07.2008
LocationGeneve (Swiss)


Meeting with IP Education Specialists.

The Conference welcomed the initiative taken by WIPO in organizing the first ever
international conference on intellectual property management education and research.
The participants examined the state of intellectual property management teaching and research, shared experiences and discussed future perspectives and challenges relating to this increasingly important discipline.
The Conference produced concrete proposals for expanding and enhancing the
scope and depth of intellectual property management education and research worldwide and called on WIPO to provide sustained leadership in order to foster this emerging discipline. The breakout sessions discussed and made recommendations on the following issues:
− Intellectual property and strategy
− Intellectual property, innovation and technology management
− Intellectual property, marketing and branding
− Intellectual property and finance
− Intellectual property and corporate social responsibility
The Conference concluded with a call for enhanced international cooperation and
partnership in order to foster and strengthen intellectual property management education,
considering the critical role intellectual property management education and research
plays in understanding and appropriating the benefits of the intellectual property system.

Web sitehttp://www.wipo.int/academy/en/execed/conf/index.html